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The author of this webpage intends the content herein to be helpful…not accusatory. Personal opinions and suggestions reflected here concern the author’s beliefs. Consult the Bible…the absolute truth is there.

This page encompasses the works of David R Moenich, a.k.a. DrmJ, a.k.a. DRM Johnston, a.k.a. Shagnasty TM SM.


DrmJ (David R Moenich) is a songwriter (music and lyrics), Literary Writer, Music Journalist,, Humorist, Cartoonist, Poet, Photographer, Theologist, Herpetologist, Ichthyologist, Cryptozoologist, Artist, and Communicator.




All material presented here is the sole property of David R Moenich (DrmJ, DRM Johnston, and Shagnasty TM SM).




All instruments and vocals heard here are played and sung by David R Moenich (DrmJ), unless otherwise specified and designated.




Copyright 1981-2017 David R Moenich


All Rights Reserved





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