“Sophism & Censorious Deception”

{False-Righteousness Exposed}

by David R Moenich


Copyright 2017 David R Moenich

All Rights Reserved



“It *is* better to trust in the Lord

Than to put confidence in man.”       Psalm 118:8


This expos’e explores the parameters of “religious” fraud. Those individuals exhibiting and expounding such faulty and dangerous “doctrines” include False Prophets, Pharisees, Charlatans, and Heretics, et al., as well as Cult Leaders and others, ad nuaseam.


Sophism (org. Greek) stems from philosophy. While a particular philosophy might possess certain viable virtues it is also capable of and suspect to misleading objectives and misconstrued speculation on behalf of the philosopher. Such might cause a believer, a follower, of those misaligned, trite, “resolute”, abjective theories to be led astray. So amiss might be the philosopher’s personal idealism, the philosopher comes to believe in his own convoluted “truisms”, disregarding actual truth as an alternative to his/her ego.  






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